Friday, October 31, 2008


Edgar was off work this Halloween! That never happens. I was especially glad this year, because I wanted to leave Little Marcos home with Edgar while I took the older kids trick or treating. Edgar was glad to stay home, but when I gave him instructions about passing out candy, he was concerned. "Do I have to open the door? Can't we just leave the bowl of candy outside?" That man is such a social butterfly!

We had our traditional Dinner in a Pumpkin (or as we said over to Poland, "Dinner in a Dynia"--the alliteration is nice and dynia, of course, means pumpkin) to commemorate Halloween. Cor and Big Guy came over (though Daddy brought his own gruel--he's never been a Dinner in a Pumpkin fan) with Hyrum and Carolina (the other Johnsons celebrated Nevada Day/Halloween out of state--with Barack Obama in Chicago). Tabor, Katie, and Baby Olivia also attended the festivities (Tabor brought his own mac n' cheese since he doesn't eat hamburger. The dinner was kind of a BYO Main Dish affair).

We got the children decked out, took the necessary pictures, and set out to enjoy the rainy evening. At the first stop Hyrum (Zorro) had Lili (Dorothy) carry his sword between the car and the house. Once in the house, he wanted it back. Dorothy also had her pumpkin and her basket with Toto in it to carry, so I told Zorro to leave his sword in the car if he didn't want to carry it. Later, Hyrum said, "You know why I didn't want to carry my sword? There were dogs and if dogs see a person carrying a stick or something, they attack that person."

"So you wanted the dogs to attack Lili?"

"Better her than me."

Honest Hyrum.
This is an after-Halloween photo of Lili in a wig I bought the day after Halloween at Wal-Mart for $1.

Ruben kept wanting to go home. In between houses, he would ask to go home. About halfway through, we were getting out to go into a house, and he was asleep, holding his pumpkin of candy close. It was easier to have one less trick-or-treater to worry about.

Marcos had been asleep most of the afternoon, so after we got home, I put him in his Halloween regalia (a gift from Aunt Katie) and took pictures. Such a cute little punkin.