Sunday, December 6, 2009

O Christmas Tree!

Hurray for Christmas! Yesterday we went to cut down our tree. The day was sunny, but freezing cold.

Marcos, Me, Lili, Abby, Saul, and Ruben. Abby and Saul are our neighbors who came along for the fun.

Edgar the Chopper.

Ruben and Lili helping Edgar carry the tree.

Marcos had to go into his exersaucer--though he's too big for it. He wanted to eat the tree--and the camera!

Ruben and Lili were very excited about putting ornaments on the tree.

You can't even tell that most of the ornaments are at Lili/Ruben height, right? Also note that all presents will remain above our cabinets this year. Marcos loves to tear wrapping paper.

I love sitting by the lit tree and breathing in that pine smell!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Season!

I had to get a new Christmas look for my blog--for all two of you who are out there reading. I just have to make note of the fact that I'm back to the Cutest Blog on the Block. They just had a lot more options for the blessed season than Hot Bliggity Blog. It's time for school, so I will post something later (it might not be until next year), but at least I'm current with my background.