Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Evening

Edgar's working tonight--all night. Liliana, Ruben, and I played Candy Land to celebrate Valentine's Day. I wasn't going to cheat at that game tonight, but I did. Lili was stuck, waiting to get a blue forever and I rigged the cards. I've cheated every time we've played that game--just to get the game over with. Then Marcos started throwing up. Four shirts and five vomiting episodes later (I finally quit changing shirts), he snuggled up to me and fell asleep.

It's not the most romantic Valentine's evening I've had, but it might be the most loving. I'm amazed at how much love I feel for my sweet little baby who's sick for the first time in his life. I look in at his siblings sleeping peacefully and feel the same incredible love for them. And when I called Edgar to report the throwing up episodes, I felt so grateful that I have someone to call who loves and cares about these little people we're raising as much as I do.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Family Got a Haircut!

When I was growing up my dad cut my three brothers' hair (usually on a Saturday night) and my aunt Mary (a professional) gave us three girls and my mom haircuts and perms (during the same trip to Salt Lake). We always got our hair cut together.

It had been eleven months since I'd had my hair trimmed and twenty years since I'd had bangs, so I got both. Mindy Uhlig is set up now as the local beautician in Wells so Liliana and I left the boys home on Saturday afternoon and got our hair cut. I'm trying to get used to having something on my forehead and still don't know how I feel about my new look. Anyway, our haircuts coincided with Edgar cutting Ruben's hair so our family got a haircut.

Our other big news is that Marcos is starting to dribble cereal down his chin (I can't say he's starting to eat it because none of it is getting inside him). I only try to give him a few bites every night, but Liliana is more persistent. Our first night of solid food, I came out from giving Ruben a bath to find this:

There's just something about feeding a baby that makes you open your mouth really wide.

Marcos enjoyed the experience--socially, not nutritively (is that a word?).

Here's Lili doing math. I love that I don't have to fix her hair before school.