Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Remember Me?

We are still here. It will probably take another trip out of the country for me to become a regular blogger. We are just doing our normal things--school (Edgar hasn't worked much overtime lately and I love when he does Spanish school with the kids), preschool (we had it at our house today), gaining weight (that's me, no one else), and craving things like cheesecake and chocolate. (That's also me--I finished off the cheesecake I made today. Nobody else wanted any--really. Those are the kind of people I live with.

Lili had a girl party last week. She feels a bit slighted that we are having another boy, but if you can't have sisters of your own, neighboring cousins like these are the next best thing:
Marianne's four girls dressed in their formal wear and came over for some girl time. Those Johnson girls are so dear. Even though they are quite grown up (thinking about things like getting ears pierced and stake dances and cell phones) they are still willing to twirl around and play on a swingset with their little first-grade cousin. Lili was in heaven. She showed off her bike tricks and they made her feel like a star.
Lili's not the only one with a few bike tricks up her sleeve. Marcos loves to go outside and the blessed thing about it is that Lili and Ruben are very responsible about watching out for him. I love having old-ish kids and a toddler at the same time. Ruben and Lili took turns pushing Marcos on the tricycle.
This is our nightly ritual: "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider. Marcos insists on standing in the middle during the performance. He seems to think he's singing too. At the end, he enthusiastically claps.
We also have nightly rodeos with Edgar acting as the animal. Maybe Marcos will be a jockey or a bronc rider, as his grandpa says he will.
Speaking of Grandpa, he made Lili's day on Saturday by taking her on a little horse ride.
Lili got a haircut. It is really cute. Well, it was especially cute when Mindy (who cut it) did it, but it's easier for me to brush now. These are the little monkeys ready for church:Marcos insists on doing whatever his siblings do. That's why he's started putting the silverware away. He gets one or two utensils at a time, walks over to the silverware drawer, opens the drawer, throws the utensils in and then shuts the drawer. Then he goes back for more. So far it's working out (as long as I don't mind having a messy silverware drawer--I don't).


Thelma said...

Great pictures. I'm glad Lili has the Johnson girls. That's a lucky break for any girl. Marcos is looking so grown up and cute! (Well, he always was cute.)

Britta said...

Ditto to what Thelma said. Love the update! Keep 'em coming! Love ya!

Scott and Traci said...

Your kids are so cute! I enjoy seeing your blog.

Leigh said...

I want to have pretty snow-capped mountains in the background of my yard, too...

Love the update. Congrats on a third boy! Hope you are feeling well. I'll eat some cheesecake today in your honor.