Thursday, October 21, 2010


We took the day off of school to take pictures. It takes a lot of effort to get all the children looking presentable at the same time. We had a lot of challenges: Edgar got cranky fast. Lili insisted on trying to have her bangs look like fashionista cousin Desi. It was hard to keep them smoothed over. Marcos wanted to get dirty and Ammon spit up all over. Ruben struggled with smiling naturally. I made the mistake of having Ruben say "Lightning McQueen!" for one of the shots. He got rather excited.
Here are some of our best individual pictures:

Hasn't Ammon become a substantial little fellow? He is in the 90th percentile for his weight. That is a first for our family, and we're rather proud of the little chub.

We weren't able to get Ammon to smile for a picture. He is starting to smile, but it didn't happen today during picture time. I wanted a picture of all of the kids to send in our Christmas card, but I'm not completely satisfied with any of them. I don't think we'll get everything together to try again, so we are going to choose one of these pictures. I would like you, my large readership, to tell me which you like best:

Number 1
Number 2

Number 3 Number 4 (AKA: Do you hear what I hear?)

Number 5
These are just to show you what we were struggling against:
I thought Picture Day would be easier than school. It wasn't. It makes me appreciate home school--usually it doesn't matter at all what my kids wear or what their hair looks like.

This just in. I got Ammon to smile:


Thelma said...

What a delightful group of children! So cute. We loved the pictures. I have a boy looking over each shoulder. We particularly enjoy your chubby his namesake I guess. Our brother Ammon has always been a bit portly.

I think the first group shots of your kids is the best...although Ammon appears to be in pain in all of them. That can't be comfortable.

Melanee said...

I love all the pictures. They are wonderful. And Hooray for Ammon gaining weight. I sure wish I could get his uncle to gain a bit. I agree with Thelma. I like number one the best, although they are all fun. Just wish there were some adorable parents to go along with those cute kids.

Britta said...

I love all the pictures. Your kids are darling!
It would be nice not to have to do my girls hair everyday:)
Little Ammon is so cute!

Hi, I'm Hannah. said...

Look at that chub and that SMILE! So cute! I think my favorite two are #1 and #3 but they are all cute even if they aren't smiling.

I love that you still do "picture day" such a great idea.

LOVE you and MISS you!

Katie said...

I guess I'm not as cool as everyone else because my favorite is number 2. I also like the last picture before Ammon smiling, I know that's not a choice but I think it's great.
I also want to clairify that I'm the Katie married to Tabor, in case you have more than one Katie reader.

Mom and Dad said...

Jessica says definitely #2 is the best choice - it looks just like the kids they are. We loved seeing all of the pictures - cute, cute kids.
Grandma Dahl, Aunt Olivia, and niece Jessica

Clarissa said...

I like #1 and #2, but they were all great. I love your family.