Thursday, March 24, 2011

Liliana's Birthday and Baptism

That's my swollen hand and my sick little Lili. These are pictures of pictures--I can't figure out our scanner and Edgar's at work. See, I told you it would get worse.
She was dangerously small--2 lbs., 1 oz. and 14 inches long.

Now she's a big girl who knows how to read scriptures! Lili with Grandma and Grandpa Dahl and the scriptures they gave her for her 8th birthday.This is how we usually do Lili's hair. She wanted to decorate her own birthday cake. She did a great job. It was easier to let her do that since I knew I would get to do her party cake all by myself. I'm a little psycho about cakes, which is a dumb thing to be into since they are very, very temporary.

Cousin Desi did Lili's hair. Isn't that something? She is so talented! This is the birthday cake for the party. I spent about six hours on it. And where's that cake I put so much into now? You don't want to know. Wouldn't it be better to be into sewing or painting or something that lasts? Even learning a few hair-dressing skills would do more for us than cake-decorating.

Since I did spend so much time on the cake, perhaps it deserves a little more press:

Here are the guests (and lovely assistants) of the party. It was a hat/hygiene kit party. Desi helped the girls decorate little straw hats, Jessica Ballard helped them assemble hygiene kits (in lieu of gifts, we asked girls to bring things for hygiene kits), and Liberty served food to everyone. It was the easiest birthday party we've had. It helps that my daughter and her friends are getting older--and that I have such helpful helpers.
With such a winning smile, who needs a wish?

Baptism Day--Deseret did Lili's hair again. Edgar's family wanted to know who did it. I kept trying to tell them it was me. "No, Olivia, really, who did it?" They know me.
All the fam--the boys got new sweaters for the occasion.

Lili in her new baptism dress.

Edgar, Liliana, and Abuelita--Lili got baptized in the same dress I was baptized in--my mom made it for me.
My parents with Lili.

My grandma Jaynes, Edgar, Lili and me.

Morgan, Liliana, and Carolina. We had dinner at the church after the baptism.
Lili's friends gave her new pajamas and a Pillow Pet. (I keep calling it a Pet Pillow much to Lili's consternation.) That night when I tucked her in, she said, "Now I'm really a member of the Church!" She's not faking it anymore.


Jana said...

I clicked on your blog, and it was so neat to catch up with your family a bit. I could not believe how teeny, tiny Lili was when she was born. Her legs are so little! How wonderful to see how she's grown. Congratulations to her on her baptism.
You are an amazing mom, Olivia. Hope things are going well.

Thelma said...

You look gorgeous. Still the pretty sister. I love Lili's hair (the before Desi picture). She's one of us! We all looked the same in pictures at that age. I wish Desi was around here for some photo moments.

The cake looked great. You're a talented lady. And I thought all you could do was wrap presents?!? You really have cornered the market when it comes to birthday talents.

Can you tell it's really late and I'm tired?

I shouldn't be allowed a keyboard at such moments. All I do is ramble.

I love you and your lovely family.

Britta said...

Olivia, that cake is,or should I say, WAS awesome! Maybe we could get together and you can show me a thing or two about cake decorating. I'm better at sewing, and crafting. Cake decorating is not my forte'.
Lili is such a sweet girl! That's so cool that she got baptized in your baptism dress. I love her new dress too. Congratulations Lili! So glad you chose to be baptized.

Lynn said...

Well, that is just the sweetest thing...from the dress to the hair to the cake and all in between. Congratulations to Lilli and her parents!

Leigh said...

I love the family pictures! And great job on the cake, however temporary it was. The picture will last, and Lili will have great memories of how special her mom made her birthday. Congratulations to Lili on her baptism!