Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Beautiful Fall Day

Today is the most beautiful day in the history of the world.  At least, that's what my dad would say.  If it isn't THE most beautiful, I bet it's in the top 17 or so.  The weather is perfect and the scenery lovely.   I just ate a big, crisp apple, and I think I will start singing, "It's Autumn Time."  The kids and I went to enjoy autumn.  Of course, we took along the camera.
My Parents' House

My Grandparents' Barn and Buildings

The Road to my
Grandparents' House
My Kids

Lili loves horses, and this one proved quite friendly.

When we got home, Omar was asleep, but we took a picture of the others in front of the lovely fall tree picture Marcos made at preschool.  We just harvested these big beautiful pumpkins from our garden.  That's a lie.  We didn't even have a garden this year.  Every year we can either have a garden or a baby, and this was a baby year.  The years we do have gardens, we have never been able to produce pumpkins--especially like these.  The pumpkins were a good price at the grocery store, so I got one for each child to decorate and another to make dinner-in-a-pumpkin (our traditional Halloween feast which nobody likes but me--no matter, I will continue to make it every year!  Traditions die hard for an Olivia.).

And here is a final picture.  Omar is loving is cereal, and since he's only been eating it for a week, everyone is still excited about helping to feed him:
Happy Fall!

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Jennifer said...

Wow! I've really missed a lot on your blog - like the last 3 posts! I'm relieved to be in-the-know now. I loved all of the pictures. The one of Marcos feeding Omar is absolutely priceless. Your dream was a little scary. Ammon's eye incident would have scared me too! Yikes. Loved the pictures of Starr Valley too.