Sunday, November 2, 2008


Three happy kids. Lili and Ruben love having a baby in the house and it shows.

One blessed (and chubby) baby. I hadn't tried his outfit on Marcos until the morning of the blessed event. I had just held it up to him. It looked long enough. It was a little snug though. We couldn't do up the buttons in the back (luckily the vest covered up his embarrassment).

Our happy family. Notice how Lili and I are color coordinated and how Ruben and Marcos are looking at each other and how Edgar is smiling so big. Well, two out three ain't bad.

Marcos was blessed in Church on November 2, 2008. It was such a happy day for us. Almost all of our family was with us (minus the Davises and Edgar's dad). Edgar's mom and Osvaldo's family came to Church.

Edgar blessed Marcos in Spanish and I asked Elder Moreno (a missionary serving in our ward from Mexico City) to write down what he remembered of the blessing. He wrote the whole thing out, bless his heart.

My dad and three brothers and Bishop/Brother-in-law Robert, and Jeff all stood in the circle. (By the way Jeff, Hannah, Maisy, & Laurel stayed with us Saturday night. Among a lot of things, Hannah helped me set up this blog.)

Thanks to a lot of help from everyone, we enjoyed a fall feast of soups and bread, cheese and fruit (and Kool Aid for the Cobians) and cake for dessert. My only sadness was that everyone liked Mama's soup better than mine.

It was one of those days I'll always treasure.

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Hannah Stevenson said...

The pictures turned out great! It was such a treat to be there. We love all!