Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Original Strawberry Shortcake or Why You Should Never Throw Anything Away

If you are annoyingly sentimental or excessively frugal (I'm both), you will see why today is such a happy day for me.
The other day I was looking through the American Doll catalog (such an impressive publication--we save them all and Lili chooses them to fill her literacy needs during Sacrament Meeting). I was thinking how fun all the doll accessories and furniture and clothes looked, and I remembered my Strawberry Shortcake dolls.
For about two years, all I wanted were Strawberry Shortcake dolls, their pets, vehicles, and anything else that came with them. Several times I wished on the first star to have "every Strawberry Shortcake doll in the world" (I think I just wanted one of each). Throughout this time, I collected more than 20 Strawberry Shortcake dolls--each with their fruity name and pet. Raspberry Tart and her monkey Rhubarb and Lime Chiffon and her parrot (whose name I've forgotten!) were the first ones I ever got.
Thelma had a few too and we played with them all the time. Later when we were really into Barbies, the Strawberry Shortcake dolls became the Barbies' children. When the time came to outgrow the Strawberry Shortcake dolls, I couldn't bear it and I insisted on keeping them. I put each of them, with their pet, in individual plastic bags with twist ties. A few shoes, hats, and combs are missing, but for the most part, I have them all.
Lili has been exposed to some of the new Strawberry Shortcake propaganda (which just isn't the same), and I've told her stories about my glory days. The American Doll catalog made me think maybe Lili is old enough for my Strawberry Shortcake dolls. So we made a deal. If she could go ten nights without wetting her pull-up (is this the kind of thing that's too personal to blog about?), she could start playing with them. Four nights came and went without success. Finally I told her that if she could go just one night without wetting, she could get one doll. Last night she did it!
Today I went under the house with Ruben and Lili to search for the Strawberry Shortcake bin. They loved it under there and I wished to be their height. We finally found it. Ruben wanted to be involved and he picked "the boy"--Huckleberry Pie of course with Pupcake. I wasn't surprised that Lili picked Sour Grapes (the villain) and her snake (whose name escapes me). Ruben quickly turned back to cars and they are playing some kind of bad mom/car game. Lili just said, "Let the mom get it--you don't even have arms." I assume she was talking to Lightning McQueen.
By the way, we are holding on to all of these Pixar Cars cars. Someday Ruben Jr. might just love them.


Thelma said...

What a cute daughter you have! I'm glad she earned her Strawberry Shortcake. Do you have the original doll? Because she was mine. I will let Lili play with her but not you.

I looked up online, Lime Chiffon's pet is Parfait and Sour Grapes' snake is Dregs.

You're welcome.


Britta said...

I totally remember Strawberry Shortcake. I wanted them too, but only got one and that one was a fake, but I still loved it. I loved going to your house and playing with ALL of your collection.
Good job Lili, for earning your strawberry shortcake.

Hannah Stevenson said...

I remember all of your dolls too! I think I might have coveted them a bit. I still remember holding the one Lili is holding and playing with that snake. Wow, this really brings back a lot of memories. I'm going to call tomorrow...hopefully it's not too painful for you to talk by now?

Lisa said...

I am so jealous that you had all the dolls in the first place, I think I only had one and it was fake, and that you kept them. It is so great you can pass them down to Lili. She is so big and so adorable! Do you encourage pack rat behavior? Lisa