Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Autumntime

Since it's a new season (and since I've been enjoying others' blogs even though it's way past my bedtime--yes, 10:00 is way past for me), I decided to post something.

I'm even trying to add a fall-ish feel to the blog. I don't know if I'm smart enough to change my background. "The Cutest Blog on the Block" is very user-friendly and that's why it's fine with me to advertise for them on my blog. As you know, my blog gets a lot of traffic. Hannah and Thelma both told me that their computer-savvy husbands both know how to remove the "Cutest Blog on the Block" insignia from their blogs. My husband is food-savvy more than anything, but even if he did know how to do something like that, I think CBotB (do they go by that?) deserves credit--especially if I am successful in changing seasons on my blog tonight.

So why am I even bothering to try to blog since I don't seem to have anything to blog about? I am just rambling about because it's been so long and I don't really know where to begin. Perhaps I should just end.

Maybe some pictures would be nice and give me some direction:

On 9/09/09 little Marcos turned one. I gave him this quick bath in the sink yesterday because he got into our liquid soap under the sink and spilled it all over. The bubbles are just from what he had poured onto his clothes and his skin. The other day he slathered himself and the furniture and carpet around him in Vaseline. Yes, Lili did do that too. No, I didn't learn my lesson. And to answer Edgar's "Why did you leave it where he could reach it?" I wanted to ruin the carpet. Actually, this time I Googled carpet and petroleum jelly, and I think I got it all out. I bet Enoch and Jennifer wish I'd done that the first time since their living room now sports the stains from Lili's petroleum jelly experience.

Lili and Ruben have bike helmets (and knee pads--Lili's are supposed to be elbow pads, but only one of the helmets came with pads, so we're sharing). We are now a 4-wheeler owning family much to Edgar's joy and my chagrin. The kids love going with him and of course, safety is always first with Edgar. Cousin Jessica called tonight to let Edgar know she saw two bucks right by Grandma's garage. I texted Edgar about it right away. Edgar's hunting season starts Monday. We are so pumped. I even cleaned out our freezer (which hadn't been done in more than 3 years) in anticipation of keeping the venison there until Edgar's friend comes to pick it up. Though Edgar is blood-thirsty and likes to kill the poor deer, we don't like the taste of venison.

Marcos was weaned way too quickly. I wanted to do it gradually. He took to the bottle far too quickly and too well.

And here are a few pictures from our wonderful vacation to Washington. We visited the Davises--please see Thelma's blog ( for a more complete, though perhaps biased description. (And do ignore the part about me being psycho. There's not an ounce of truth to it.)
We got to go on a ferry ride.

We got to go to Vancouver to Stanley Park. My children wish they were Davises. Lili said, "I wish Emma were my sister." The best part of the trip for Ruben was "playing with Mark's toys."

Seeing Thelma's tastefully decorated home was inspirational until I tried my own decorating project. Then it was rather depressing. Some sisters have it. I don't. We three sisters enjoyed comparing the lengths of our limbs and our flexibility. Mostly we laughed a lot.

Multnomah Falls, by Portland, was lovely and very accessible.

There are more pictures that I uploaded, but they got lost in cyberspace I guess. There's a reason I don't blog more often. I've been working at this for over an hour and I am not even sure I was successful in changing my background. If you're still seeing red cherries instead of fall leaves and colors, I take back everything nice I wrote about TCBotB or whatever that website's called.


Clarissa said...

I'm sure glad your blogging. This is Marianne and not Clarissa.

Thelma said...

I am still seeing cherries.

Cherries and feathers...cherries and feathers.

I'll be wearing RIBBONS down my back this summer.

(you are the only person in America who will understand what I'm writing here.)

I think that second picture of me is really ugly.

Just some thoughts.

Your pictures of your children are SO VERY CUTE. Marcos looks more like Ruben all the time.

Show Edgar Bambi.


Britta said...

I'm also glad that you're blogging again. I agree with Thelma, Marcos does look a lot like Ruben. Love the picture of Lili and Ruben in their helmets and "knee" pads.(Sharing is good:D)
Looks like you had fun with the Davis'.

Jana said...

It was so fun to see your pictures of the mission reunion, Olivia. Sometimes Poland seems like ages ago, but when I saw your pictures of the siostry, it brought back so many memories. Everyone looks so great!
I don't remember having any part in writing that poem! :) Maybe my memory has completely failed me. I do remember writing a poem with Sister Kober, though, for the training meeting when you, Sister Evans and Sister Ross came to Poland.
It is fun to catch up on your blog again. What a cute family!

Leigh said...

Hello, Olivia! Just checking in with you and your darling family. I so love reading your updates.

I clicked on over (wait, I mean I cut-and-pasted on over) to Thelma's blog just because I couldn't imagine anyone calling you psycho and needed to see what that was all about...and now I think I love her, too! You Dahl girls, you are something! (And I mean that in a totally complimentary way...not at all like your Dad might say it. ha!)