Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hot Bliggity Blog

Dear Reader, you may notice that I am now endorsing "Hot Bliggity Blog." That's because their site was able to explain to my addled mind how to change my background from summertime cherries to autumn patterns. Their explanation was more thorough than that of "The Cutest Blog on the Block." I am sure that the deficit has nothing to do with my tech-deprived mind.

So here's what's new:

1. Marcos's boots. It's not that cold yet, but they stay on. He pulls most shoes and socks off much more quickly than I can put them on him. It makes me look like a bad mom (especially in the eyes of my mom). He also loves eating apples by himself now--a very fall-ish pastime I believe.

2. Ruben's Song. Ruben's a little singer. He loves to perform and he goes around singing or humming constantly. His new song is "We're off to see the LIZARD! The Wonderful Lizard of Oz!" We went to that play (starring the lovely Johnson girls) last week (the children went twice, thanks to Aunt Jennifer). Ruben loved it. He's such a nut. He insists on goggles in the bathtub. The other day my dad said, "He is so much like his mother." He could have sounded a little more complimentary when he said it.

3. Liliana's Christmas Wish List. It changes daily. We got an American Girl magazine today and now she thinks one of those would be lovely. I have already decided to follow the Johnsons' example of having her read all the books first before she gets one. Maybe next Christmas. Her other news is that she has learned to ride a bike without training wheels. Thrilling.

4. Cormac Ammon Dahl. Our newest little nephew was born to Ammon and Melanee yesterday. He's darling, and if I were Adam, I would be able to get his photo off of facebook or something and put it here. He's a doll.

5. I won! Thelma won some shoes ('s no way I can figure out how to let you click on something to get to her blog), but I (think) I won an award for my glittery pumpkin at Jessica's pumpkin carving/decorating party. I'm pretty sure I won in the adult category AND in the glitter category. I might have been the only contestant in each category, but here is a picture of my award-winning pumpkin.

More pictures of the pumpkin party:

It was a gorgeous day. Grandma is holding Hannah's youngest, Norah. Hannah and her three beautiful little ones made the trip from American Fork to visit. We (Hannah and I and sometimes her daughter Laurel) stayed up way too late having a wonderful talk. Hannah is holding Laurel, I'm there with little Marcos. Emily Smith (who's married to my cousin) was there with her darling Jason. He and Norah make Marcos look like a peewee. Marianne has Hannah's Maisy.

Jessica--founder of the party and some of the contestants (Liberty, Clarissa, and Deseret--Marianne made her gorgeous dress) in the children's/adolescents' categories. I let Ruben use a knife, much to Cor's dismay, and she was right. He did end up with a very minor cut.

Grandmothers and Babies. Savannah and Marcos are enjoying Grandma Corba (she's thinking "I told you so") as Grandma Dahl looks on with a smile.

Carolina, Luke, and Ruben

Liliana and Hyrum

This has gotten longer than any of us wanted it to. Happy Fall!


Thelma said...

1. You should blog more because you crack me up.
2. I'm jealous I couldn't go to the sunny Halloween party. It looks like it was fun.
3. Your prize winning pumpkin, while glamorous, frightens me.
4. I want to go see the Wonderful Lizard too but only if Ruben goes too and promises to wear his goggles.
5. I love you.

Hannah Stevenson said...

What are you talking about? I could have gone at least three or four paragraphs and pictures more! I wish Thelma was at the party too...
Loved the boots, bike and goggles. Love that Ammon and Melanee are now parents and I LOVED staying up way too late talking to you. Let's do it again sometime...

Britta said...

It's so nice to hear how you and everybody is doing in Starr Valley.
Your kids are absolutely adorable!

Melanee said...

Hooray for updates!