Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Season!

I had to get a new Christmas look for my blog--for all two of you who are out there reading. I just have to make note of the fact that I'm back to the Cutest Blog on the Block. They just had a lot more options for the blessed season than Hot Bliggity Blog. It's time for school, so I will post something later (it might not be until next year), but at least I'm current with my background.


Deseret Johnson said...

I love your new backrond and I thout I'd let you know I tryed out hot bliggaly blogs but I decided I like the cutest blog on the blok better to!

Clint n Britta's tribe said...

I was surprised that Hot Bliggity blog didn't have more Christmas backgrounds. So I went with Shabby blogs or whatever the name is.
I like your background alot too!
Maybe after the holidays I'll go back to H.B.B.