Wednesday, February 24, 2010

H and G

Jennifer has my children so that I can get something done before our big trip. We leave Friday for Mexico. I thought I'd better say good-bye (not that I ever really said hello). It is good to get the hot cocoa-winter wonderland motif off my blog. Though we woke up to fresh snow this morning, we are heading south where Edgar says it was 85 degrees on Monday. It sounds like it will be a lovely, warm, maybe even sweaty, 3 weeks.

Here are a few pictures to catch up with. On Christmas, we took some 4 generation shots.

Ruben comes by his 4-eyes quite honestly.

Ladies in red. Big guys in plaid.

The children in their new Christmas church duds.

Little Marcos got his first haircut on Saturday. The baby look is gone. He's all toddler now. He's even starting to toddle. He mostly prefers to walk at the Johnsons' house and for the Johnson family, but he'll walk here once in awhile too.

Isaiah turned seven and Lili will next Wednesday. We celebrated on Sunday. I made these giant cupcakes. Lili really wanted to help decorate. I let her work on her own cake, but Isaiah's was all mine. I know I need to let go and let Lili try to do more things. I haven't let her scrapbook yet, but what's the big deal about a cake? It was eaten in a few hours anyway.

Lili's new dress she's getting for her birthday. We're not taking it to Mexico, so she tried it on here. Also, we wanted pictures of it to show Hannah. Hannah made Lili a paper doll for her birthday that looks like her (looks like Lili, not Hannah).

Well, good-bye then. I'm planning to blog in Mexico, if possible. I'm also planning to volunteer at the kids' schools, do family history, walk to the top of the hill over-looking El Grullo everyday, and take Marcos to the library. We'll see if I get half of it done. I will be on vacation, you know. Now, Jennifer, I will go and make use of this gift of time you've given me. Hasta luego.


Jennifer said...

I love Lili's dress! She looks so beautiful.

I'm embarassed to admit how long it took me to figure out "H and G" ...

We're sure going to miss you guys while you're gone.

Britta said...

Your kids are growing up so cute!
I love Lili's dress. Have fun in Mexico!

Thelma said...

I love that vest you're wearing in your Christmas shots and I LOVED Lili's dress. Where did you find that little confection? (if you tell me you sewed it I will hate you)

I mostly read your blog for the fashion I guess.

You are all adorable though. You should post pictures of yourselves more often.