Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I only have 8 minutes until I need to go pick Ruben up from school. I woke him up this morning by saying "Buenos Dias." He automatically said, "¿Como estas?" I told him he needed to get up. He said, "Why?" I told him he had to go to school. That was all it took. He sat up and said, "I LOVE my school!"

Edgar (surprisingly) has different ideas than I do. Last night we walked to the really old, residential part of town. His friend, Jose Cruz, lives there in a cement/rock house he inherited from his grandparents. They are so poor and very nice. On their street a teenager was riding a burro--right there in town. I wanted to take a picture, but Edgar forbade me.

Here are some pictures I was able to take. This is Sunday night show-off time when everyone gussies (is that how you spell it?) and walks around the plaza. I was surprised Edgar let Lili wear shorts. They didn´t quite seem formal enough.
This is the back of Edgar´s dad´s house, under the mandarin orange tree. They are so delicious. We brought home a bunch of them. Do you think the men in this family will ever learn to smile?

Finally, a toilet at the bus station in Guadalajara. We had to pay 4 pesos to use it. Toilet paper cannot go down the drain here. It will get clogged. I keep forgetting to put it in the little toilet paper basket. All Edgar´s family has a toilet paper basket in the bathrooms--even in the USA.
By the way, Edgar tucked some toilet paper in Lili´s backpack this morning. He said the school can´t afford TP. I can´t complain. They´re educating our child at absolutely no cost to us.


Deseret Johnson said...

The plaza looks so lovely. I miss you. This is Marianne

Thelma said...

The plaza does look lovely. As does your family. I miss you too. But then, I always do. How did Edgar get so tall?

I'm glad your kids are enjoying school...is Lili still? What an adventure!

I look forward to chatting tomorrow.


Britta said...

Looks like you're having a good time!
Hey, at least the toilet is clean, huh?!

Leigh said...

Oh, I remember Brendon telling me about the toilet paper baskets from his mission! But he says the clogging issue is a myth...it was such a pet peeve of their mission doctor that he would crowd groups of new missionaries into the bathroom and proceed to systematically flush an entire roll of tp just to show that it wouldn't clog.

So go forth and flush, Olivia! I double-dog dare you! Only, if it actually does clog, I didn't have anything to do with it.

Jennifer said...

I love the updates. Happy Birthday to Lili today!!

Love you all!

Hannah Stevenson said...

I think I should be kissing my toilet paper too.

Your kids are so cute Liv!