Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shhh. Don´t tell Edgar

Edgar is over at our house cleaning and packing and I´m sneaking in a little blog session. We are taking te bus (ugh) to Guadalajara this afternoon. Tomorrow we will spend time with the Sorensens (Traci, they are David Sorensen´s parents who serve in the Guadalajara Temple as President and Matron). They´re from our home ward. We will go to the temple tomorrow night and we get to do the work for Edgar´s great-great grandparents. We´ll get sealed for them and then seal their four boys who died as babies to them.

Yesterday we went back to El Limón trying to get birth certificates (Edgar´s Tía--the one who is a nun, actually she´s the Mother Superior at her convent) is gone now. She´s in the hospital with her mom, who isn´t doing well. I took this picture from the balcony of the City Building. It turns out they only have birth certificates from 1900 and later. We´d have to go to another town, and we´ve run out of time.

This morning Edgar´s dad and his Tía Malena were waiting for me at Ruben´s school. That´s a little awkward since they don´t talk to each other. Edgar´s dad wants us to eat with them. His aunt just wanted to say good-bye. I don´t think we have time to eat with Rafael before we go, but we´re doing it anyway (we might not have time to blog either). I´m giving Malena some leftover food. The other day when we ate at her house she had made this delicious corn bread that she doesn´t make very often because it uses 5 eggs. We had 4 eggs left over. She also charge some meat at the butcher´s to feed us. Edgar gave each of his aunts some money. I´m glad. They´ve all been so good to us.

We spent our last night like we did our first--entertaining visitors until very late. It was lovely of them to want to say good-bye. I feel melancholy this morning. I´ll miss this place. I have people I say hi to every morning on the way to Lili´s schoool. There´s the one-legged man who sweeps i the plaza and the ancient beggar lady who sets up at the mercado about the time we pass by. There are also two very nice shop keepers on our street who always greet me. They know Edgar´s family.

One of my goals here was to hike to the Capilla (a chapel dedicated to who else? The Virgin María). It´s only about a 20 minute hike up, but it is all uphill. I finally went up for the first time last night. I was going to go every morning, but it didn´t happen in our morning rush to get the kids off to school.

This just in. I´m having trouble posting pictures and I have to hurry back and help my husband get ready to go.


Thelma said...

You are so sweet and sentimental. I'm sure the whole town is mourning the loss of the Cobians leaving town.

I love you truly truly.

Coralee Dahl said...

I'm sure they'll all miss you, but we'll be glad to have you back around here.

Scott and Traci said...

Wow, what an adventure. Betsy Sorensen told me you met with Dave's parents at the temple there. So cool! Congratulations on expecting another boy, I didn't know!