Friday, March 30, 2012


It's no secret that Superman and Batman are my sons. A lesser known fact is that they get their superpowers from me. For example:
Today all the kids took their sandwiches and carrots outside for a picnic. When Marcos came back in, I hugged him and he somehow transferred a wasp onto my shirt. I was collected, and told my little superhero to go get me some toilet paper. I learned from my mom how to squish a wasp in a little napkin or paper towel or what have you. It took Marcos forever to return with the remnants of the end of a roll of toilet paper. Lili took over as my toilet paper fetcher and returned quickly with an appropriate amount of toilet paper. By then, the wasp had walked across my ample belly, across my maternity shirt and on to my back. I couldn't see it and couldn't very well kill it with it crawling on my back. Lili and Ruben were rather concerned that I would get stung. I calmly brought my arms inside my shirt and turned the shirt around. Luckily, the wasp was lethargic and lazy and still creeping along as it turned up on my belly again. In a flash, and as my children watched in admiration, I killed the little pest and quickly disposed of its corpse, toilet paper and all.
Where do you think Superman and Batman get their superpowers and bravery? Let's just say the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Ka-pow!


Britta Singer said...

You are a brave woman! Superman and Batman are so lucky to such a good example. :)

Jennifer said...

Wow. What an amazing mother!!