Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Busy Week

As I decided which pictures to post, I was surprised that so much happened this week. Besides all of the pictured events, we also spent two days in Salt Lake City where I lost my cell phone, waddled across several downtown streets with my five kids while Edgar was in the temple, and drove through a snowstorm in the dark. I could hardly see and the stoplights weren't working because the electricity was out. Good thing I'm such a stellar driver!

We began the week with a bang on April Fools' Day (pictured above). That holiday just doesn't come often enough. I love pranks. I made this delightful "chocolate pie" with "strawberry topping." My kids (especially Ruben) were hoping it was similar to their aunt Jennifer's to-die-for chocolate pie (all Ruben wants for his birthday is her recipe). They were disappointed that the pie was actually shepherd's pie and nobody ate it but Ammon and me. Edgar took some to work and was also disappointed. I had dyed the milk blue, but you can't really tell in the picture. Ruben, who is the most oblivious person I know, didn't notice the blue milk as he ate it in his cereal.

"How do you like your cereal, Ruben?"


"How's the milk?"


Lili could contain herself no longer and burst out that the milk was blue.


Two days later was Edgar's birthday. He was working nights. I made him his favorite cupcakes (chocolate with cream cheese filling). In case you're wondering, Lili does wear that shirt an awful lot and Ammon mostly wears pajamas all day around home and the other boys are Superman on a daily basis. I finally broke down and washed the Superman suits the other day.
We celebrated Easter Eve as usual. We decorated eggs, had our Easter egg hunt, Hawaiian haystacks, and a wonderful program about the true meaning of Easter by Jennifer. She has such a gift of captivating young children and of teaching by the Spirit.
Ruben's costume du jour was that of a cowboy (in green sweats and black rain boots--very John Wayne, don't you think?). He, Luke, and Savannah were reviewing their spoils from the Easter egg hunt. It was gorgeous weather.
Here Lili, Carolina and Marcos are counting eggs. Marcos was being the mom in an apron and Savannah had been the dad--as always. She's such a good sport.
Later, our boys let cousin Luke use one of the Superman suits and these superheroes really saved the day.
The Easter Bunny brought the boys new coordinating shirts. See, Ammon doesn't ALWAYS wear pajamas.
I meant to only put one picture of Lili in her new Easter dress, but I accidentally uploaded both of these. She is a lovely girl.
Happy April. Happy Easter. Happy Spring.


Thelma said...

What a beautiful Easter dress for a beautiful girl. The only new duds we got around here were Emma and I got swanky new shoes...her heels higher than mine (although I'm still taller!). It's nice having a daughter that's a shorty.

Hi, I'm Hannah. said...

Can I beam me and my family over there?! What wonderful traditions you have and THOSE KIDS! They are all so adorable and growing up too fast! Lily is just so beautiful. I love her freckles...why have I never noticed them before? Oh and just so you know, Ollie has spent 90% of his life in pajamas...I just don't see the point in dressing him in anything else when we don't really take the poor boy anywhere but church and to the store occasionally. :)

Britta Singer said...

Looks like you all had a great April Fools day, Easter and Edgar had a good birthday.
Your boys are so handsome in their new shirts and Lili is growing up so beautiful, like her mother. Love the dress too.