Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Correction, Glasses, Smiles, and A 5K

It turns out Marianne does read my blog and she alerted me to a misspelling.  She said I spell poddy-training wrong and that it should be potty-training.  Now, I see that.  Poddy-training is underscored with a red, squiggly line and potty-training is not.  "Just think of it like a pot--you know, a chamber pot," is how Marianne put it.  That's helpful.  We do have Edgar's ipod and we had some pea pods awhile ago, but I don't associate either one with Marcos learning to use the toilet.  You never know though.  He has been known to think outside the box (or the pot, if you will), when he needs to go.

 We had eye appointments this week.  As we waited for the doctor, Lili expressed how much she would love to have glasses.  I hadn't noticed that she needed them.  She hasn't been running into things or anything, but it so happens that she does need them.  She now has them, but they hurt her nose so she doesn't wear them.  She did try them on for this picture.  We need to have them adjusted for her cute little face.  Edgar picked them up and she was not with him.

 Omar is smiling all the time--especially at night when I am up with him.  He knows I need a little encouragement at that time.  He has slept exceptionally well this week:  six to seven hours at a stretch.  That, coupled with his smiles, thrills me.

 Liliana was invited by the Johnsons (so glad they're back!) to be in a 5K yesterday.  She loved it and won for her the girls in her age group.  She decided running is her thing.  (Marianne always knew it was--she has long said that Lili was destined to be a runner.  Besides spelling, Marianne is good at a myriad of things.)  Liliana said a lot of people got these blue ribbons, but we thought it was special enough to photograph. 
And I must leave.  Edgar took all the children to our nephew's birthday celebration and I told him I would be there soon.


Thelma said...

I knew about the whole poddy/potty thing but I just ignored it. Should I be homeschooling if I'm too lackadaisical to correct spelling? (Don't answer.) Lili's glasses are darling. Also blue ribbon!?! She must not have inherited my athletic ability. Omar is cute. Cute cute cute.


Jennifer said...

I thought you were using the version of "poddy" because you wanted to write the word as my dear friend Marcos was saying it. Either way, I'm thrilled for you and him for his success in that area. Also, I love Lili's glasses and her blue ribbon. She's such a great girl. It was absolutely wonderful today to see Omar's adorable face up close and personal.

Britta Singer said...

I thought the same thing with the poddy/potty-training things as the others. Still, good thing for Marianne and at least now you know she reads your blog. :)
Lilianna's glasses are cute. Elsa would be jealous. We just had an eye appointment too and she was a little far-sided but not enough to need glasses. I could tell she was a little disappointed.
Omar is such a cutie and I so remember those days of staying up with the baby after the others went to bed and just enjoying her or him. I miss that. Love your updates and Love you and your cute family!