Sunday, July 29, 2012


It was Missoula Children's Theatre (I like spelling it that way--it makes me feel cultured.  Just like spelling potty like a pea pod makes me feel vegetarian) week in Wells, Nevada.  Our family was well-represented.  Clarissa starred as Little Red Riding Hood, a teen who didn't want to be treated as a child anymore and preferred to go by "Red."  Carolina was her baby sister, Baby Hood, who nearly stole the show with her singing and dancing.  Deseret was Ranger Rooney, the forest ranger who cracked corny jokes.  Liberty was one of the adorable three little pigs, always looking for new building material.  Hyrum, Morgan, Isaiah, and Liliana were part of the naughty wolfgang who were up to no good.  Ruben and Luke were cute little raccoons who tried to steal Red's picnic basket.  The show was darling, the kids did great in it, and all rejoiced in the thrill of the performance.  Here are a few pictures for the grandparents:
The Three Little Pigs (Liberty's the third from the right), Ranger Rooney (Deseret), & Little Red Riding Hood (Clarissa)

"Red" and her girlfriend
Ranger Rooney singing about the beautiful morning

That pig's got a cute smile!
Carolina's way of hiding as Baby Hood
Baby Hood singing "Stay on the Trail"
Ruben. Luke, & Kelsie as adorable raccoons
The raccoons' tails were my favorite part of their costume.

Isaiah being part of the Wolfgang

Lili as a wolf in sheep's clothing

Hyrum hiding.
Morgan looking mischievous.
And now, lest my youngest three feel left out, here are some pictures of some acting they've been doing:

Marcos, acting like a train driver.

Omar, acting like he can't smile.  He is his father's son.  He is generous with his smiles, but hides them when the camera comes out.  I have yet to capture his sweet smile to my satisfaction in a picture.

And finally, little Ammon, acting like he's sorry he spilled three cups of water for the 76th time today--acting also like he cleans up after himself.  With that smile, he's rather convincing.

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Thelma said...

Oh my goodness Isaiah looks EXACTLY like Enoch in that picture!

I wish we'd been there for the theatre. What can I say, lady, you've got class.