Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Love These Kids!

I love having a nine-year-old girl.  She is learning to do more and more on her own, and it is fun to watch her.  This week Liliana wanted to bake and decorate a cake like the ones in her American Girl magazine.  She did a great job.  I got to go with her (thanks to dear sister-in-law Jennifer keeping the boys!) to Activity Day this week to try to sew together.  Like always, the seam ripper was my best friend.  I don't know if I can help Lili sew when I'm so bad at it myself, but it was great to be with her.
 The next best thing to having a sister is having a Carolina cousin as a neighbor.  This week Carolina came over and the girls dressed up.  They're so lovely:
 I love having a two-year-old boy.  Ammon is into giving a thumbs up and a squinty grin.  (Why does squinty have a red squiggly line under it?  Marianne?  Am I spelling that wrong?)  The best thing about it is that Ammon substitutes his index finger for his thumb and doesn't know the difference.  I love it!
I love having a seven-year-old boy.  Ruben looks like a jack-o-lantern these days with several missing teeth.  His dress-up du jour (you can tell I'm taking an on-line French class, can't you?) is Buzz Lightyear.  I know, his winter snowsuit and coat and gloves don't make him look a lick like Buzz Light Year, but in his mind it all does.  I love his imagination (and how sweaty he gets running around in his winter gear).  Since he's so into Buzz Light Year, he thinks he would like a Buzz Lightyear birthday party.  I offered to dress up as Buzz for the party.  Ruben said, "No thanks, Mom.  I think that would make me nervous."   (Uh oh, Lightyear is underlined too.  Doesn't spellcheck know about Disney Pixar characters?  Woa!--woa and spellcheck and Pixar are also underlined!  I'd better quit while I'm ahead!)
 I love having a four-year-old boy who still has no problem getting in touch with his feminine side.  Marcos likes to pretend he's a "sister" by putting hair bows in his hair.  Next to having Carolina for a cousin, Marcos is the closest Lili can get for a sister.  Marcos gets quiet and docile when he's a sister.  We're going to have him pretend to be a sister during the upcoming Primary Program.
 I love having a baby!  This sweet little fellow makes my day every day with his happy smile.  He is so good.  Last night while I was at the General Relief Society Meeting, he stayed home with Edgar and did great.  Then he slept through the whole night for me.  By the way, the General Relief Society Meeting was excellent!

I love these five little monkeys!
P.S:  In your opinion, is turquoise considered a fall (as in autumn) color?  I'm just wondering.


Thelma said...

I'll leave the spelling to Marianne and weigh in on the color. Turquoise works for fall. It works for every season. It's the new navy. (I don't know...I just like turquoise.)

Thelma said...

Oh, and your kids are wonderful. Like their mother. This post made me happy.