Sunday, September 9, 2012

THE COBIANS, or in other words, NACHO BITES

Usually, this is what you see atop our piano:

Last weekend when (one of) my clever brother(s), Ammon, and his family stayed with us, this is what we found atop the piano:

I never knew our name could do that.
This post will have more pictures than you ever wanted to see.  Last week our computer had crashed and I did not blog.  Labor Day weekend was very big for us.  It was our county fair.  It was also Omar's blessing in church.  Tabor and Ammon and their dear families came for fair, but I think mostly for blessing (I think it's fun to omit articles).  Actually, Ammon's family didn't make it to the fair at all--as you can see, they are missing in this picture of a lot of us watching the fair parade on the sidewalk by Capriola's in Elko:

Poor Ruby was traumatized (as were many of the children) by a float promoting a scary haunted house.  As the scary people came by giving flyers and candy, my son Ammon also cried.  I told them they were scaring children.  They didn't care.  I think that's what they wanted to do.
 Ruben could not have been happier with his white ribbon that he won for his Lego race car.  He got a red ribbon on his race car drawing and he had a blue ribbon from last year.  Now, when we sing "You're a Grand Old Flag" as part of our school, he collects his red, white, and blue ribbons and marches around.  Patriotic little fellow. 
 I was really glad Lili got a blue ribbon on her snickerdoodles this year.  Last year she made delicious peanut butter cookies and got a white ribbon.  We love white ribbons (see above), but what bothered me was that all of the peanut butter cookies were there--the judges hadn't even tasted them.  I didn't notice this year if they had tasted them or not.  We had the blue ribbon; I was content.
On Sunday (September 2) was little Omar's blessing.  He looked adorable in his little blessing suit.
 He wore booties that his Grandma Dahl gave me before she became Sister Dahl, full-time missionary.  He also used the beautiful white afghan that his Grandma Dahl made for Lili when she was blessed.  All of our children have used it on their blessing days.
Have you ever seen such a cute baby?
 Here are all The Cobians (Nacho Bites) before church:
And here's brother Ammon's family before church.  They're a good-looking group.
 Three of Edgar's siblings and their families and his mom all came to Sacrament Meeting to see Omar blessed.  When I saw them come in, I started crying.  Their love and support, and the love and support of my side of the family, really touched me.  Of course then I felt silly and didn't want them to see me cry.  Here is Abuelita with Omarcito:

This couple needs to have more children (they only have six):

Robert & Marianne with Azure and Omar
 Of course, if they have more of their own, they won't be quite as available to help out with everybody else's.

More cousins--and there are many more not pictured.  What a blessing for our kids to have so many cousins on both sides of the family!

An after-dinner shot.
An after-dinner nap.

An after-dinner braid.  I thought it was so cute how Hyrum was braiding Carolina's hair.
THE OLIVIAS--My niece Olivia is fortunately much more attractive than I.

THE AMMONS--Both are very attractive and this time we didn't let Ammon the Younger know we were taking the picture.  I think this is the first Ammon shot in which Ammon the Younger is not crying.


And now, as if we haven't seen enough, we fast-forward to today.  It is Marcos's fourth birthday and it has been a delight.  His Sunbeam teacher brought cupcakes and he got a chocolate bar from the Primary.  He is so exuberant, that giving him a gift is a great pleasure.
All the Cobian children this morning in their PJs

See what I mean?  He's so tickled.

This is what Elder & Sister Dahl gave him.

Ruben made Marcos a cardboard sword.  Later Ruben said Marcos did NOT deserve the sword because Marcos was not letting Ruben play with his new toys.
Lili made a lovely sunset scene for Marcos out of construction paper.
 Marcos wanted a birthday cake that was featured in the Friend for President Monson's birthday.  I was relieved because earlier he had wanted a Thomas the Train cake.  I've only been a mother of boys for about eight years, but I've already made enough Thomas the Train cakes to last a lifetime.

Inside the cake is colored layers.  Pink is still our four-year-old boy's favorite color.
Forgive me for all the pictures.  They are mostly here for the Davises and for Elder & Sister Dahl who weren't here for the blessing--and for fair.  Next Sunday we will be in Nauvoo with Elder & Sister Dahl.  We will not be blogging.  I can't wait to see my Mama and Daddy!


Thelma said...

Such a wealth of pictures. Thank you! I loved them all and feel wistful that I wasn't there for all of the festivities. That picture of Ruben with his winnings at the fair looks like YOU! (Lucky kid.) Your cake is lovely and Marcos is the cutest birthday boy ever. Too bad I forgot to send a card.

Good job also finding a picturesque background for a picture of Ammon's family before church. (My comments couldn't be all positive.)


I love you.

Thelma said...

I forgot to mention how much Marcos looks like you in his delighted birthday state. You should give that kid a housecoat and see if you two could be twins.

It is wonderful for me to see your kids looking like wonderful you. They're so fortunate to look like the pretty sister.

It could be, you know, worse.

Melanee said...

I love all the pictures. Always. They're wonderful. When Cormac saw Marcos in his train pjs he got very excited. and started saying, "cousin, train." We had a wonderful time at your house. Thanks for hosting us. Your family is so good and wonderful.

Moore Family said...

Omar is totally adorable! And Marcos' smile makes me smile. Cute family (Nacho Bites).