Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Marcos, My Good Little Monkey

The most amazing thing happened at La Casa Cobian last night!  Marcos celebrated his 3 month birthday (and his Uncle Enoch's 31st birthday) by sleeping for 8 hours.  What an amazing child!  Liliana came home from the NICU the week she turned 3 months and she was not even close to sleeping through the night.  I know Ruben didn't sleep for eight hours at a time until he was at least one.  Needless to say, Marcos is my favorite.  I, of course, did not sleep that long (I haven't since I was pregnant with Lili).  I woke up and worried about the little guy and checked him several times.  He's a cute little monkey, isn't he?
Monkey pajamas courtesy of Uncle Enoch and Aunt Jennifer & Family.


Thelma said...

He is indeed a cute little monkey. I can't wait to hold him and whisper in his ear that he's an amazing boy to sleep so well.

Hannah Stevenson said...

Such a cute little monkey! I love that last picture. We just got your Christmas card and letter. I laughed so much. It really has been a wonderful year for both of us! Love you to pieces.

Britta said...

He is a cute little monkey! Good job Marcos. Way to give your Mom a break for 8 hours. Olivia, my 3 oldest kids did not sleep through the night until they were atleast 1 year. Abby started sleeping through the night at 3 months. She was my favorite then too. Now. That's debatable. She is into everything, everywhere. She keeps me on my toes.

Leigh said...


We just received your Christmas card, and I was thrilled to see your accompanying blog address. I'm so looking forward to more frequent doses of your wit and wisdom in my life. Love you!

(I'll send on our blog address as well in our card. Perhaps that will give me some motivation to actually get those sent out.)