Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another new Background--So Soon?

Jennifer told me my blog had lost its background. I was hopping mad, of course, and decided to get to the bottom of the problem. I wasn't sure I would still be endorsing Hot Bliggity Blog, but as you can see, I am. They had a little section on their website to find out why my background was no longer showing and apologized appropriately. It was also easy to remedy the problem.

Here are a few pictures to catch up:

The boys' costumes are hand-me-downs (thanks, Thelma!). Each of my kids has worn this cute little clown costume. Part of my obsessive-compulsive disorder is that I do things like that. Every Thanksgiving I wear the same sweater that I first wore my Junior year in High School. On my mission I wore my brown corduroy dress to every district or zone meeting. Some Elders would say that Sister Dahl was "brown-bagging" it again. Do you think they were making fun of me? I left that dress in Poland for Elder Lukengay (who wanted it) when I left. I told him he could make a pair of pants out of it. His response: "Oh, Sister Dahl, I could make two pair of pants out of it."

The best thing about Lili being a witch was that we didn't have to struggle over brushing her hair.

Marcos loves the rocking horse. Lili and Hyrum love assisting him on it. Hyrum asked his mom for a baby for his birthday. Today Lili told me that she's been praying Marianne would have another baby. Watch out, Marianne. Beware the faith of a child.

Poor Marcos had his first haircut yesterday. Ruben and Lili were getting into the Christmas spirit and putting gift bows on everything. Ruben stuck one on Marcos's head using masking tape. Poor Marcos tried to get it out, and got it even more stuck in his hair. I couldn't remove it without hurting him, so I cut the tape out. He looks a little different without that bit of hair that always stuck straight up.

Here they are, all ready for the Primary Program, which was last Sunday. This is, as Ruben says, "the best we can do" at looking nice. Marianne told me there is no future for Lili as a cosmotologist with me as her mother. I can only say I come by my lack of hair skills honestly.


Clint n Britta's tribe said...

How did you remedy the bliggity problem? I used the same company after seeing your blog, and a few days after I found this really cute background it was gone. I just put it on again, but I don't want it to happen again.
Anyway, your kids are adorable and that one Elder was rude ;) I hope you slapped him across the face when he said that :) Knowing you, you probably didn't let it bother you and just laughed about it. You're so good.
I'm with you and the cosmotologist thing. I would have to send my girls to their Aunt Hannah's house if they were ever interested in that. Love you!

Jennifer said...

Savannah will be so disappointed not to have the little tuft of hair to go after on Marcos! Your children are adorable just like their mother. I also like the blog background.

Thelma said...

Whoosh I feel that autumn breeze!

I think the best Ruben can do it pretty darn good.

I think Marianne should look inside herself before saying such cruel comments (or look at a photo album of us as children). We really did come by it honestly...this hair problem...and Marianne is not immune.

Your kids are almost as adorable... you are.


mdjohnson said...

I really feel like I got some bad press here. Olivia said that she hoped Lili wouldn't be a cosmetologist. I said that I didn't think she needed to worry about with because she was her mother and I said I didn't have to worry about it either. Olivia is slandering me.