Monday, November 23, 2009

Ruben Superman

Lately when I call Ruben by his name (something I've done his whole life), he says, quite indignantly, "Mom! You forgot to call me Ruben SUPERMAN!" When Edgar calls him Ruben, he says, "My name's Ruben Superman, but you can call me Ruben if you want to." I am not granted that privilege. It's difficult to believe that Ruben Superman will turn 5 on Friday. We survived his birthday party, thanks to a lot of help from Aunts Marianne and Jennifer and Cousins Deseret and Liberty.

Here we are at the party: Ruben's cousin, Luke, me (in my polyester "grumpy shirt" I bought for $1 at the thrift store in Wells my Junior year in high school). It was supposed to be a Thomas the Train cake.

Ruben with his cake.
Our birthday boy is also sporting a new look. Lately I had noticed that Ruben Superman was squinting and running into things often. Edgar thought we just had a clumsy kid on our hands, but last week the pediatric ophthalmologist confirmed that the superhero needs glasses. The glasses came today:

Can you imagine a cuter superhero? You can see why 4 eyes are better than none!

Lili's pretty sure she needs glasses too. She told me she was having some trouble seeing. Everything "looks a little yellow." I think the appropriate color may be green--as in with envy.

Last night I let the children stay up too late. Edgar was working all night and my brother Tabor called. We talked for a few hours which is very easy for Tabor and Anyone to do. I finally got the children to bed. Then Ruben needed a drink. As I tucked him in again, and said, "Goodnight, Ruben." He gave me his usual response about forgetting to call him "Ruben Superman."

I said, "You forgot to call me Mom Superwoman!" He assured me that I am not "Mom Superwoman," that I'm just "Mom."

I went back to my bed only to have the little superhero show up again. I said, a little impatiently, "What is it this time?" He burst into tears and said, "I just wanted to tell you that I guess you can be 'Mom Superwoman' if you want to." I gathered my little hero into my arms and bed and told him it's enough for me just to be Ruben Superman's mom.


Clint n Britta's tribe said...

What a sweet story.
Well, Ruben Superman, you look so handsome and grown up in your new glasses.
That story sounds like something I would read in "The Friend". Very Sweet!

Thelma said...

Ruben looks like YOU in his glasses. I've never realized before how much he looked like you.

Also why didn't I know he was getting glasses? We never talk anymore.

Also, you need to explain about the shirt.

Jennifer said...

We love the glasses over here. Way to go Ruben. Luke was THRILLED that he was included in the picture of Ruben's cake. He keeps asking to see the picture again and again.

You're a wonderful supermom and I learn so much from you.

Leigh said...

Oh, Olivia Superwoman, Ruben Superman's Mom, I love your posts!

Jana said...

What a cute post. And that is one amazing cake. (I wouldn't dare show you the train cakes I've made at our house - and I've made three! My boys have loved trains for years).