Sunday, April 22, 2012

Superman is Back!

Marcos is back!  It is such a relief to have him normal again.  He has lost a little weight, but otherwise he is himself.  It was a long week for all of us.  Everybody watched a lot of Blue's Clues and I held Marcos and read to him so much.  He woke up every night several times.  Ammon, who is used to being the baby, didn't enjoy all the attention Marcos got and tried to sit on my shrinking lap as much as he could.  Marcos has helped me to get ready for having a newborn again.

Finally, on Friday, Marcos started eating normally and acting like himself.  He still woke up several times at night and last night he woke up once.  I refused to carry him (I'm already carrying his little brother) and made him walk to the kitchen to have some medicine and water.  He didn't wake up again.  He's enjoyed the attention and command he's had on the household.  One day he demanded that Ruben not play in the toy room.  He's also been able to eat and drink in the family room, where we made him a special bed.  One day I was so desperate to get him to eat something--anything--that I gave him chocolate chips and marshmallows for lunch. 

  Last night I said, "Marcos, I think you're all better."  He said, "No, Mom.  I'm not!"  He is hesitant to give his power up, but really, what superhero wouldn't be?


Thelma said...

I'm glad he's feeling better. I will read to him and feed him marshmallows and chocolate chips exclusively when I'm there. Ammon too.

You're welcome.

Britta Singer said...

I'm glad he's all better too! That's rough, but it sounds like he thoroughly enjoyed being in command. What a cutie!