Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Five Lights of our Lives

Five little Cobian heads.  Ammon's head wasn't sure it wanted to be there, but he stayed long enough for the photo.  Poor boy.  With each new baby, the next-to-youngest has to grow up a little more.  The other day Ammon wanted to join his older siblings outside, but he wasn't dressed yet.  I was feeding Omar (something we do an awful lot) and Edgar was at work.  Ammon took matters into his own hands.  Part of a pair of his pants was sticking out of his pants drawer.  He grabbed it and started jerking.  The entire dresser fell down--on Ammon's legs.  Marcos came and tried to urgently tell me Ammon needed me.  Marcos is always rather urgent and I told him I'd be there "in a minute."  I felt bad that poor Ammon had been pinned.  I was able to move the top of the dresser up long enough for the little fellow to pull his legs out.  I got him dressed and he was fine.  He went out to play.

A little later I went in to check Ruben's progress with cleaning his room.  He's such a nut.  I asked him why he was wearing the hard hat.  In all seriousness he said, "I don't want anything to fall on me!"  Better safe than sorry, Ru.  Around here, we always clean sporting hard hats.

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Hi, I'm Hannah. said...

Hahahahaha, that Ruben is a smart one! It's always so hard to know what is urgent isn't it? :) Your doing good work over there Liv.

Love you.