Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Week of Firsts

 I think Omar smiled at me in the middle of the night Thursday.  It was a fleeting, sleepy smile, and we couldn't recreate it for the camera, but I really think he smiled.  I might have been a little sleep-deprived and delusional, but I will maintain it was a smile.  When he smiles for the camera, you'll be the first to know.  He is getting bigger and seems more alert and aware.

Though we've always had a TV, we only ever watched DVDs and videos--we never had channels.  This week that all changed.  Now we have a satellite dish.  I fought this as long as I could.  I felt we'd be giving up our family time and our ability to create our own entertainment if we had something to watch on TV.  My biggest fear is Edgar's use of TV.  We watch TV in motels rooms when we travel and I hate watching TV with Edgar.  He constantly hops channels and loves to be the one with the control.  We are practicing what I think of as intentional viewing.  Every day I let one child pick a PBS show that everyone can watch the next day.  Then we record it (I love the DVR thing) and the next day we watch it.  We can also watch "Little House on the Prairie" every day.  So far it's been great.  I've also set up our DVR to record every BYU Devotional and General Conference address.  I watch them while I fold laundry and clean.  I love that.  Thus far Edgar has been working every day since we got our satellite, so we haven't had any conflict about his bad viewing habits yet.  I explained to him our practice of intentional viewing and that it's the exact opposite of channel hopping.  He told me he'll need to explore his options before he knows what he intends to watch.

Edgar had to work today.  I took all five kids to church alone for the first time.  It was the first time I had to buckle Marcos into the backseat.  That is a difficult task--one Edgar had handled so far.  Luckily, Omar slept through my Sunday School lesson.  A few of my students did too, but at least there was no snoring.  During Sacrament Meeting, Susy took Omar for me.  After church I got busy visiting with everyone and forgot about our newborn.  Then I saw my empty baby carrier.  About that same time, Liliana came to tell me that Roberto, Susy's husband, was in the gym, holding Omar.  I felt so irresponsible!  Susy and Roberto always go home right after Sacrament Meeting--unless they have foolishly offered to help a struggling mother like me.  We picked up two new cats for Lili on our way home and when we were about a mile or so from home we had a flat tire.  Omar and Ammon were asleep and it was so hot.  There was no way we could walk home.  There was also no way I wanted to try to  change the tire.  I tried calling Marianne's cell phone and also the cell phones of everyone in her family.  Lili suggested we pray.  Right after we did, Marianne called.  She wasn't far behind me and she picked us up, cats and all.  There were a lot of us to fit in her car, but they kindly made room for us.  Edgar will change the tire when he gets home.  

He had never done that before, and as you can see, he was pretty tickled about it.  He thought he looked like a waiter.  I ordered a water on the rocks and told him he looked very handsome.

Marcos would like to visit Grandma and Grandpa Dahl so he can eat an ice cream sandwich.  I told him they're still in Nauvoo.  I have told him we will leave two days after his birthday to visit them so now he wants to have a birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Nauvoo, complete with ice cream sandwiches.  Will you take care of that request for us, Grandma and Grandpa?  We'll send you the guest list.  It will be Marcos's first birthday party and we'd like it to be very special.

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