Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ammon turned two!

Ammon turned two on Wednesday.  We celebrated by not having school. (This week was our first week of school.  Yes, I know it's still summer, but we are taking off later in September when we go to Nauvoo to visit Elder and Sister Dahl.)  We also fought over Ammon's new toys all day.  Ammon wasn't involved in most of the fights--it was everybody else.  We went swimming in Boulder Creek and played Ring around the Rosies and the Farmer in the Dell (Ammon likes those).
This tractor set was from Elder and Sister Dahl:
 Edgar bought the scooter for Ammon and I got him two board books (one in English and uno en espanol).

 I made an impromptu cake.  Edgar was working so I hadn't thought we would really celebrate much on the actual day, but the kids wanted a cake, and I always give my children what they want:
 Our dear friends, Alma and Juan Solis and their daughters were visiting that day.  Alma brought me a chicken she had recently butchered and helped me cook it, along with mole and Spanish rice, for dinner.  They had cake with us.
 The Johnsons gave Ammon a Mr. Potato Head toy.  He loves the glasses:
 We'll end with a happy Omar picture, because he is changing on a daily basis:
Many Happy Returns, Ammy Kabammy (as we here at home call him)!


Thelma said...

Cute cute. Ammon smiled like Edgar doesn't in the first few pictures. :) I am happy to see him crack his cute grin near the end. Omar does look a lot different. Darling children one and all. You don't get doves out of hawk eggs.

Britta Singer said...

Happy Birthday to Ammon. Glad he had a good celebration! He is so cute! Oh yeah, and Omar's smile is adorable!

Ammon said...

Why didn't I ever get called Ammy Kabammy? Some people save for their children's educations. Others save for their children's therapy.