Sunday, August 26, 2012

Carolina's Pajama Birthday Party

August is a very busy birthday month for the Dahl extended family. Yesterday we got to go to Carolina's birthday party.  She'll turn seven this week, and she had a pajama breakfast party.  A good time was had by all.  We ate delicious pancakes with fruit and whipped cream and peanut butter and Nutella (I love Nutella).  I don't know if I was really invited to the party or not, but I showed up in my muumuu (Marianne says it should be spelled with two u's at a time), and they let me eat all the pancakes I could hold.  Here are some photos of the happy event:
Breakfast Basket Upset--based on Fruit Basket Upset.  Ruben and Desi are vying for a chair.  (Please note the muumuu in the background.)

The birthday girl and her cake with Dana Neff and Liliana.

Some of the cards and presents Carolina got.

Cowboys don't wear bedclothes!  Well, maybe some of them do.  Hyrum looked great in his pajamas, roping.
Isaiah roping, not in bedclothes.

Happy Party-goers jumping on the trampoline.  Please note how well the trampoline has recovered since Marcos had his little experience there.
Happy Birthday to all the dear ones (and the not-so-dear-ones) who celebrate August birthdays!  I'm kidding.  Of course, all of you are dear!

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