Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ducktails and Bobbysox

Some things you never forget--like how to ride a bike.  I used to think doing a handstand fit into this category, but the other day when I did two for my children, I realized it doesn't.  Although I was able to stay up for a split second, it hurt different parts of my body that haven't been used in a long while--since third grade maybe.

Besides riding a bike, I think being in a play might fit into the "never forget" category.  This week my sister Marianne directed a musical that I was in as a freshman in high school--21 blessed years ago.  My talented neice Desi played Bertha, a nerdy girl who fell in love with a nerdy boy.  I also played Bertha, way back when.  As Desi was saying her lines, I knew them!  Those 21 years melted away and there I was, a freshman in high school.  Isn't that something?  I hadn't reviewed them or tried to remember them, but they were there.  The play was a delight to watch.  Marianne and all her family did  a terrific job:

Deseret was Bertha--the nerdy girl that fell in love with a nerdy boy.

Clarissa was Laura Carter--a high school prodigy with some great rock & roll talent.  My sister Thelma played her back in '91.

Liberty was a cheerleader--the one on the left.  She was very enthusiastic and dear.

Hyrum made the crowd go wild as Elvis.


I had to include this one because I love the expression on Robert's face.  He and Marianne played alumni who had come back to the town for Homecoming.

Not only was Hyrum the King of Rock n' Roll, he was also a football player.
 Here are a few more fun shots from the production:

Speaking of performances, today was our Primary Program.  Poor little Marcos had been practicing his part "I choose the right by saying my prayers" for weeks.  He knew it so well and always loved saying it.  Of our children who have been in Primary, he is the most comfortable performing and the part was so easy and caused me no worry.
During the first part of Sacrament Meeting, I was in the mothers' lounge, focused on getting Omar to sleep before the program started so I could watch the program and not have to leave.  When I got back into the chapel, it was time for the program.  It was also the time when Marcos always gets his snack.  He wanted his snack.  I didn't think he ought to take it up because I thought his fellow Sunbeams might want it and it would cause problems.  I told Marcos he could have his snack after the program.  He freaked out and cried and I had to take him out.  His part was near the beginning.  He said he wanted me to come up with him.  I did and he went to the microphone and sobbed into it.  He didn't say his part after all that practice and that was that. 
I guess there's always next year...and the year after that...until he's 11.

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