Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Am Glad For Many Things, But a Little Sad Too

I am glad for many things, but right now I'm sad for something too.  The thing I'm sad about is that I am out of space for pictures on my blog and despite my best efforts (which are very lame when it comes to technology), I am unable to upload all the pictures I want to.  I will try to forge ahead and show some (but not all that I'd like) of our Thanksgiving extravaganza.  

I am thankful for dessert.  I call the maroon-colored pie harvest blend.  The filling was Asian pear/raspberry/cranberry/cherry/raisin.  It was well-received by some and not so well-received by others.  Some wished that those who did not prefer the pie to keep their preferences to themselves.  I'll not mention any names.  It is enough to say that we missed Jennifer's chocolate pie this year.  I will proudly state that the pumpkin pie turned out better than ever.  The addition of sugar to the pumpkin pie had a dramatically positive effect on it.  Two years ago I forgot the sugar in the pumpkin pie.
 I am thankful for turkeys--especially the turkeys that are related to me.  Liliana and Ruben helped me make turkeys for our Thanksgiving guests.  Enoch and Marianne got turkeys with all turquoise feathers because of their strong belief in turquoise as a traditional autumn color.  Enoch was not with us, but I will deliver that turkey his turquoise turkey just as soon as possible.
 I am thankful for talented children.  Carolina's talent (in our annual Thanksgiving talent show) was this incredible table, chair, and tea set.  She constructed the chair and table all by herself and she painted the tea set.  Unfortunately for this picture, she and Morgan were looking at their mom's camera.  Marcos, never camera-shy, was looking right at his mom too (me!). 
 I am thankful the Johnsons joined us.  They were just as glowing as they appear.  Desi's talent was that amazing scarf she is crocheting.
 I'm thankful for this nutty almost eight-year-old who drew Buzz Lightyear for his talent.
 I'm also thankful for pretty Lili and her drawing talent.  As you can tell, we lost our best brush on our trip to Nauvoo (yes, that was back in September).
 I'm thankful for Morgan's talent of getting seeds to sprout.  Squanto with his habit of burying fish heads with corn seeds has nothing on our Morgan.
The other wonderful things I'm thankful for cannot be pictured at this time--Hyrum and his incredible talent of using his ears to fly and Clarissa and Liberty bringing tears to my eyes with their beautiful music (Liberty on the flute, Clarissa on the guitar and piano and of course, on her vocal chords).  

Perhaps those of you with more blogging experience could offer some help.  I've tried making my photos smaller, but I don't know how. I've tried deleting some photos from my blog, but I am not able to upload more pictures because I have used up all of my space.
My parents still have 10 months (but who's counting?) to go on their mission and I want to keep sharing pictures.  Whatever shall I do?


Thelma said...

Adam would know how to fix the blog/picture problem. You should call him sometime. Also, your pies are lovely. I wouldn't rush into anything like a new hairbrush. Pace yourself.

Britta Singer said...

Loved those things that you're grateful for...would love to see Hyrum using his ears to fly!.
I had that some problem and I bought more memory space. I think I just paid $10 or maybe 5, it wasn't much, and got a bunch more memory and that was probably about 2 years ago and haven't ran out yet...knock on wood.