Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nevada Day & Halloween

Though Nevada Day once more fell on Halloween (it always has and always will), I did very little to commemorate it.  I did try to croak out the Nevada state song with my children, but alas, my voice is gone and I don't know if it will ever return.  It drives me crazy because I can't sing (and although my voice is not pretty, it is was loud) and so our family home evening hymns are greatly lacking in volume since my voice left.  Halloween, on the other hand, was well celebrated en la casa Cobian.  We had a cousin celebration (and even cancelled school because of it).  My children had a Peter Pan theme.  Liliana was Tiger Lily, Ruben was Peter Pan, Marcos was Captain Hook, and Ammon was the crocodile.  Little Omar was a random pumpkin, but Carolina went trick or treating with us, and she was also a pumpkin.  They were very cute together:
I love how Omar just kind of rolled into Carolina.

Lili made her skirt by herself.  She sews like me--
the seam ripper is her best friend.
  I thought her skirt turned out lovely.

Peter Pan and Iron Man (Luke) were inseparable as always. 
What makes the Iron Man red?
  Isn't that a song from Peter Pan?  If it's not, it ought to be.

Though we never got a hook for our little pirate
 (I was going to let him use my Kitchen
 Aid dough hook since we couldn't find one in the store).
 In the end, it didn't seem to matter.

Never smile at a crocodile!

The Dahl children:  Iron Man Luke, Savannah Strawberry Shortcake,
 and Davy Crockett Isaiah

The Johnsons--Morgan the Mouse, Hyrum proving that Elvis still lives,
 Carolina the Pumpkin, and Liberty, a dear granny

The whole group

Luke with his pumpkin.  He decided he'd rather play with Ruben than carve it.
  Liliana and Isaiah were only too glad to carve it for him.
  They got a little knife-happy (in a very safe way, Cor):

Handsome Isaiah with his pumpkin.
And speaking of pumpkin, let's not forget our annual culinary feast of Dinner in a Pumpkin.  Once again I was the only one in the family that liked it, but oh, how I liked it!  Everyone had to eat a little before they could trick or treat.  Hopefully, someday, my children will come to love it as I have and will force their children to eat it before they go scavenging candy.
Unfortunately, this shows a lot more of my dirty stove than I would have liked!
And as a parting shot, have you ever seen such a handsome baby?  My Grandma Jaynes and I picked this outfit out for Omar when I was 34 weeks pregnant with him.  She bought it for a present for him.  It was the smallest we could find, and it seemed so huge.  Now, Omarcito fits in his handsome vest suit.  He looks like the Prime Minister:

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Thelma said...

I think I would like Halloween if I could have gone to your party. (I wasn't invited.) Everyone looks so cute. That picture of Isaiah and Lili carving pumpkins looks like Enoch and you carving pumpkins. You should recreate the fish in the frying pan picture with those too. Good job on such cute kids.