Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm having my most maternal Mother's Day ever.  I'm big as a boat and five days away from delivery (unless my prayers are answered and it happens sooner).  Please don't enlarge this picture--there's a reason it's small as can be on here!

Sweet Lili presented me with this corsage she'd made at Activity Day for me.  Edgar had already ironed my maternity dress for the day and even though it didn't quite match the corsage, I had to wear the corsage. 

Then Marcos wondered what happened to his gift.  He had told me repeatedly that he was going to give me a heart necklace for Mother's Day.  This morning he asked me if I knew where that heart necklace was.  I asked him if he'd made me one.  He remembered he hadn't.  He cut off a small piece of green string and brought me a piece of orange paper.  He asked me to cut out a heart.  In retrospect, I wish I'd made the heart a touch smaller.  Marcos was thrilled with the necklace he'd made and told me proudly that I could wear it to church.  I couldn't say no to this sweet boy, and I already looked like a clown, so why not add two more colors?
Ammon has caught the superhero bug that is constantly biting around here.  He insisted on being Superman yesterday.  The suit is way too large.
Very soon the cape became a bib/apron and he looked like a very dopey superhero--but a happy one.

Ammon loves the new cat Liliana got this week--Speckles.  It's the only cat we have now that lets Ammon hold it.

I was planning on my water breaking today right after Sacrament Meeting.  I would have taught Sunday School already, which was my last obligation before our baby comes.  We would have already been in Wells (a half hour closer to the hospital), and really what better Mother's Day present could you have than a painful surgery newborn baby?  I waited around a little after church, but nothing happened.  We had put our luggage in the car (faith without works is dead).  The kids had wanted to know why the suitcase was there.  They were so excited that the baby might come today and that they would get to be at someone else's house.  After church they wondered what had gone wrong....I'm not sure what went wrong, but we're still hoping for sooner rather than later.  If things go as planned, our new addition will be here Friday.  Lili made a chain to count the days down.  We are all so excited to greet our new baby!


Thelma said...

Such cute babies you have! I thought you looked wonderful for church. (I've enlarged that photo and it is hanging over my fireplace fyi.)

I love you.

Leigh said...

I've spent my morning reading LOTS of posts about Mother's Day, but this one is absolutely my favorite, Olivia.

I'll be thinking of you this week! Can't wait to read of the arrival of your new babe!

Jana said...

I love your stories. I was laughing out loud when I got to the part about the necklace. What a great Mother's Day. I'm so glad you wore the necklace to church (your son will love you forever).