Sunday, May 27, 2012

Everybody's Growing Up Too Fast!

When you're baby isn't even two weeks old yet, it's a little crazy to think he's growing up too fast, but he is.  He's outgrown some clothes already and in my addled, emotional state, I want time to freeze.  It's not just Omar who's growing up.  Ammon has grown up a ton in the week since he got replaced as the baby. He's a cool kid now rather than a baby.

He's very helpful.  He happily takes dirty clothes and dirty diapers and puts them in their place.  I'm really glad I noticed these three smelly diapers and Ammon's dirty pajamas in the dryer before I piled my newly-washed laundry inside.

Ammon's also playing more and more with the big boys.  They all still love cars which makes for some enjoyable sound effects.

Everybody still loves holding Omar.  Liliana is a huge help.  I've been pumping a bottle every day for Omarcito and Lili fed it to him one night.  It's nice to know that's a possibility.  Lili went off with the Johnsons and the Myers three different times this week.  She  loved it.  I missed her.  I'm so spoiled as a homeschooling mom.  I'm glad I usually have my girl with me.
This week Ruben was the BYU Police.          
His badge and cap are his uniform.            

Marcos loves singing "Hush Little Baby" to Omar.  I recorded it and tried to upload it here, but after two failed attempts, I quit.  I think our internet is not up to speed.

Omar's umbilical cord stump fell off today.  Of course I'm saving it.  Do you have to ask? 


Thelma said...

You have such adorable children. It's sad that they have such a weird mom. You save too many things.

I dearly love you though!

Britta Singer said...

Loved this post! What cute kids you have. I DO grow up too fast! I'm glad you're enjoying every minute!